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My name is Phillip Patton, I was born in 1982, and I've been making knives since about 1999. Before that, I, (like most boys) made wooden swords and other weapons of minor destruction, which I would use to beat up my cousins and friends. :-) For me it was a natural step to start making real knives. (No, I havenít used any of the real knives on my friends or cousins.)
In 2004 I started forging and that's how I make most of my knives now, including those using stainless and high alloy tool steels. Iíve done a lot of experimenting with steels, and for the purpose of keeping things simple, Iíve decided for the time being to focus on just several different steels, which I discuss on the ďMethods and MaterialsĒ page.

Iím currently an Apprentice smith with the American Bladesmith Society. I hope to take the Journeyman Smith performance test soon.

I make all my knives completely by myself, from raw materials to the finished product.