Here are some stories from customers who
have used my knives, and how they performed.
I'll get more up as soon as I can.


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Here is the knife:

I'm writing you from Iraq. The 6" utility (the one with the hamon) you made me was used to kill and prepare a sheep by the Iraqi Army guys I work with. We holed up in a farm and the soldiers bought a sheep for lunch. They used my knife to do the whole nine yards. The knife held up very well and stayed extremely sharp. The soldier used it skin and then chop through bones as he made portions. The blade chipped a little, but nothing major. Still sharp as can be.
Thought you might like to know. I really love the knife.
Take care,

More from the same officer:

Have been using the knife to dig out defused IEDs from the hard dirt out here. Also use it to cut everything from sheep, to elephant grass to plastic explosives. I am able to touch up the edge to shaving sharp in about 5 minutes even after digging with it. I want to reiterate that the blade only had minor chips because the guy chopped through the femur to make 20 or so portions. He did not cut through the joint.
One hell of a knife.
A couple of the Marines out here want to buy one when they get back.