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If you have any questions for me, or would like to order a knife, hereís how you can contact me:

Snail mail:

Phillip Patton
P.O. Box 113
Yoder IN 46798



Due to a slew of spam calls, I'm taking my number off the site for awhile. Please email or snail mail instead. Thank you.

My Blog

Concerning international orders and customs forms: I will
not lie on custom forms, so donít even ask! I can understand
the desire to avoid ridiculous customs taxes, but I canít do that.
Thank you for understanding.

Custom Orders

Usually, I enjoy making knives that are my own design the most, but
the times I learned the most and stretched the most, was when I was
doing custom jobs, therefore, I do welcome them. If you have a design
youíd like to see turned into a knife, or a variation of one in my gallery,
please donít hesitate to ask.

For a list of materials options for blades, guards, and handles,
see the materials page.