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A knife isn't much use unless you have a way to carry it. Here are the sheaths I make to
go along with my knives. Right now, I only use veg tanned leather.

For single guard knives, I wet-form the sheath around the knife, and most of the knife is
protected. This type of sheath is tight fitting, so there's no need for retaining straps
or anything like that.

For knives that have a double guard, I use welt type sheaths, which are not molded, but are
still tight enough that the knife will not fall out if it's held upside down.

I can make high ride or low ride sheaths. I usually just use black dye for my utility knives,
and some shade of brown for wood handled knives. I'm just starting to get into tooling.

Below are some examples of both styles of sheath. Click on the thumbnails to view full size

Molded Pouch Type
With Belt Loop

Low Ride Welt Type
With Tooling

High Ride Welt Type
With Tooling

High Ride Welt Type
Back Side

Molded Pouch Type
For Larger Knife

Pocket Sheath With EDC
For Concealed Carry

For My Standard
Utility Knives

Dangler Style Sheath
with Snakeskin Inlay